Promoting commerce and preservation in historic downtown Ada, Oklahoma
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Amy Kaiser, Program Director
124 East Main Street, Suite 7
Shaw Center
Ada, OK  74820
2019-2020 Ada Business Improvement Grant Program Description, Criteria, and Process 
Click Here to download a copy of the application form.
The Ada Business Improvement Grant will be managed by a committee representing various stakeholders in this process: 
Jim Lawson, Ada Main Street Past Board President and BIG Committee Chair, 2019-2020
Todd Moon, Ada Main Street Board Member
Joe Dougherty, Ada Main Street Board Member
Randy McFarlin, Ada City Council Member
Amy Kaiser, Ada Main Street Staff Member
Jim Eldridge, Ada Jobs Foundation Staff Member
Cody Holcomb, City of Ada Staff Member
All Projects are Subject to pre-approval by the Ada Business Improvement Grant Committee and Ada Main Street Board of Directors and Ada Jobs Foundation. Board of Directors.
Projects shall be located within the boundaries specified in the attached map.  Any project applications from outside of this geographic area will be subject to approval by the Business Improvement Grant Committee.
The grants shall be approved within a period of time starting July 1st, 2019 and ending on June 30th, 2020.
Grants will be matched for up to 50% of the pre-approved project’s cost, not to exceed $5,000 in total grant funding.
Each individual parcel of real property (as defined by official Pontotoc County property records with an assigned, county parcel number) is eligible for up to $5,000 in total grant awards during the period outlined, above, in criteria #3.  Multiple grant applications may be submitted and be awarded for a parcel property during this period so long as the total award amount does not exceed the $5,000 limit.
Grant proposals shall include a written scope of work that will detail all work being done in the proposed project.  Proposals are encouraged to include bid quotes or other documents to support the cost of the work or products being used.
Grants shall be accepted during open periods as advertised by the Business Improvement Grant Program committee.  The committee shall establish at least two grant submission periods.  Any entities submitting grants not approved during this open submission period will be encouraged to re-submit in a future round. 
All projects shall submit receipts for review upon completion.
Each project shall allow Ada Main Street staff to photograph the visual area of the project before any work begins and after work is completed.
Each project shall require a written agreement before any work begins of the project’s description, scope, and design.
All exterior projects shall meet the requirements of the “Oklahoma Design Guidelines” published on the HYPERLINK "" Oklahoma Department of Commerce’s website (  A printed copy or digital will be made available by Ada Main Street staff upon request.  Any exterior elements which differ from the Design Guidelines document will be addressed by the Business Improvement Grant Committee for approval.  All improvements are especially encouraged to enhance or maintain the historic character of the building in the project.

Eligible projects shall include, but are not limited to, the following criteria:
Exterior Paint, unless the building façade is unpainted brick.
Window replacements or improvements which enhance or maintain the historic character of the building. 
Brick, mortar, or pointing repair.
New or repaired awnings which enhance or match the historic character of the building.
New or refurbished signage.
New or refurbished exterior lighting.
New or refurbished exterior doors.
Improvement to A.D.A.-accessible entrances.
Exterior stair handrails.
Interior electrical work.
Interior plumbing.
Interior HVAC work.
Interior floor installation, removal or refurbishment which enhances or maintains the historic character of the building.
Improvements to interior ceilings which enhance or maintain the historic character of the building.
Interior lighting which is “hard-wired” and has a fixed mounting point.
Interior “permanent” structural elements such as counter tops, bars, stage platforms, and doors.
Interior fire suppression systems and sprinklers.
Multi-story fire-escape structures.
A.D.A.-compliant improvements to bathrooms or interior bathroom access.
Parking lot repair or improvements on privately owned property, exclusive of any public right of way.
Trash can and dumpster screening.
New or improved fencing on the property.
Removal of non-historic elements to a building

13. Properties which are primarily residential in use will not be eligible for improvements.  Mixed use buildings with upper story residential areas are exempt from this restriction and may participate in this program.
14. The Ada Business Improvement Grant Committee and Ada Main Street Board of directors shall reserve the right to approve or deny any matched grant project based upon these written criteria.
15. The Ada Jobs Foundation Board of Directors shall reserve the right to withhold funding if any of the elements of the written agreement are not met.
16. Projects must be completed within 6 months of the signed agreement, unless the B.I.G. Committee grants an extension.
17. Completed projects will be asked to display an Ada Business Improvement Grant branded sticker for a period of at least one year from the award of grant funds.
Granting Process Outline
Ada Main Street will meet with the business owner.
Business owner completes a pre-review application.
B.I.G. Committee reviews application and makes a recommendation to approve or not approve-
If not approved, the committee will suggest changes for a re-application.
If approved, the application moves on to approval by the Ada Main Street Board of Directors.
Ada Main Street Board of Directors reviews B.I.G. committee’s approval recommendation and votes to approve the project.
A written agreement, which specifies the details of the grant requirements and timeline, is signed by the business owner and Ada Jobs Foundation.
Ada Main Street staff will take a “before” picture of the project.
Project Construction In-Progress
7. Relevant updates on the project are provided by staff to both Ada Main Street and Ada Jobs Foundation boards at regular meetings after the agreement has been signed.
Construction Completion
8. The B.I.G. Committee will review the project to verify it meets the agreed upon terms and make a recommendation whether or not to approve the grant reimbursement.
9. If the reimbursement grant is approved by B.I.G. Committee, the Ada Jobs Foundation will vote whether to approve payment pursuant to the executed Agreement at the next the regularly scheduled board meeting.
10. If approved, Ada Main Street staff will photograph the “after” result of the project.
11. Within 30 days of approval by the Ada Jobs Foundation, payment will be issued for the approved grant amount.